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Blippit for Primary Schools

Blippit Boards began with primary schools and leaders continue to have a big influence over what comes through as we develop and release improvements year on year.

Blippit Boards targets the 'time', 'activities' and 'resources' that could be used more effectively. For example, not everybody can or wants to

  • feel like they're pestering colleagues for snapshots of children's work
  • come in early, or stay late, to stand at the photocopier
  • rely on the printer for hard copies of photographs to then stick in to folders and books

Instead, Blippit promotes a more strategic and balanced approach to gathering, sharing, reviewing, understanding and reporting on examples of curriculum impact across the whole school. One practical example which is both useful and popular is our 'staff churn' feature. When a teacher moves on their account can be deleted while their subject evidence is automatically re-labelled but retained so as not to leave a teacher-shaped hole across subject evidence boards.

Imagine if you could broaden and bring in evidence of Governor visits where the curriculum is a focus. Imagine if teachers could more easily evidence the achievement of children with special needs in the mainstream to help shift the focus from 'below expectations' to something positive. With parents as a major stakeholder in schools, Blippit helps schools provide them with targeted reports to support the conversations through the year too.

Budgets and value for money are high on Blippit's list. "Too good to be true" was one Department Head's observation. Blippit doesn't limit the number of teachers you can have or the number of boards, reports or charts that can be made and so the longer you use it, the greater the value.

Training is something few schools have a descrete budget for when it comes to systems. Thankfully Blippit Boards has been designed to take advantage of all the transferrable skills teachers already have from using simple social media tools like Instagram. We offer a launch sesson over Zoom to make sure everyone is OK but you'll not find yourselves looking at what you've spent and wishing you'd doubled the budget for extra training that you just won't need.

" You know, I think there's so many demands on and so many sort of things that try to sound good but then just need hours and hours and retraining. But with this, it's very instinctive and it's just really nice."

Mrs. F Jackson, former Deputy Head in Cheshire(now Shropshire Headteacher)

Top 3 beneficiaries for primary schools using Blippit®

  1. easy to share practice and see what's happening in classrooms
  2. unifies and makes easily searchable in real time everything that's collected in
  3. promotes and builds on whole school team collaborative and supportive culture

Primary school priorities

  • surfacing practice in such a busy and demanding workplace for monitoring, regardless of priority shift, is inclusive, quick and easy as teachers create and tag curriculum boards
  • monitor and feedback to colleagues on strengths / areas for development through flexible reports
  • costs and resources are responsive to setting budget and equipment levels; e.g. small, single, two-form or secondary dept pricing is available. The Blippit Boards app is also available in a non-mobile app version online for schools where mobile equipment levels are low or out of date.
A dashboard view

The many facets to your school provision are all represented in the dashboard. You can report on teacher assessment of writing in key stage 2 in less than 30 seconds and then move on to a full curriculum report of an ECT to support a conversation about their professional developement and well being. Flexibility and understanding the whole school big picture at any given time are what the dashboard all about for Blippit in a Primary School.

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