About Blippit®

Blippit Boards is a family-run education company, established in 2012 by John Bidder, a former teacher and ICT Advisory Teacher, and Lindsey Bidder, a current primary teacher, and SENDCo.

John at Blippit
Lindsey at Blippit

Their extensive educational backgrounds underscore a deep understanding and respect for educators' needs, which is at the heart of the Blippit Boards’ beliefs.

Having previously won 3 BETT Awards in a schools advisor role, John now serves as vice chair of governors at a Lancashire Primary School and has been able to support them through two Ofsted inspections and a SIAMS inspection.

His governor's work led to Blippit Boards now supporting the role of governor monitoring.

Our senior developer, Steve, holds a primary teaching degree, a testament to our commitment to understanding the needs of educators. We actively seek school feedback, in the firm belief that this is when great things happen!

In 2024, our collaboration with schools in Wales led to significant advancements, inspiring us to continue our mission. Other collaborations have resulted in Blippit Boards becoming an effective tool for SIAMS inspections, the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, and Christian Aid's Global Neighbours accreditation.

You're welcome to read our blog to learn more about our values, development and news. Read what schools say about Blippit Boards too.