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Blippit for Subject Leaders

Because of many conversations with subject leaders, we've been able to keep Blippit Boards on course to becoming a tool that's synonmous with simplicity and streamlining workload.

As a subject leader, getting a view of what's happening in the curriculum is full of challenges and accountability too. By giving each teacher and TA an account in Blippit Boards you're effectively connecting everyone together so that as they capture examples that show curriculum impact, everyone knows and can benefit. What you need as a subject leader of, for example, science, comes to you thanks to your class teaching colleagues instead of you having to go and find it.

It takes barely a minute too create a sample or 'board', adding context in the form of photos, sound text and importantly 'tags'. But, a bit like social media, in school with lots of people collecting evidence and creating boaards, you need to be able manage it and see the wood for the trees.

So, imagine having a dashboard working away constantly in the background to aggregate everything that's captured so that you can keep up, filter, search, chart and report to make instant sense of it all. Suddenly you have the evidence you need to help you direct your activities and even inform your priorities as a subject leader.

Top 3 uses of Blippit® Boards for Subject Leaders

  1. using evidence to determine how effectively subject priorities are being communicated
  2. real-time reporting used to collate evidence of specific subject foci
  3. feedback given to colleagues via dashboard reports on strengths and areas for development

Mainstreaming and monitoring your subject priorities

  • asking a colleague who is strong in your subject to share some boards with a specific focus is ideal for modelling what you've been looking for to share with colleagues
  • have conversations about teacher assessment using boards tagged specifically with that tag category
  • Monitor and compare key stages and year groups over time
  • share your priorities with visiting governors ensuring a board is created that reflects the information shared and questions asked
A dashboard view

Aggregation of all tags and content takes place in the dashboard which is separate to the app and accessed in a browser. For perhaps the first time, see up to date cross-key stage evidence for your subject set in the wider context of the curriculum.

Imagine seeing a dimension of your subject graphed our for you, say 'money' in maths for example, filtering it by a specific year group and then clicking that segment it to go and see what money maths looks like in that class. Follow-up with a report, created in literally two clicks, that you edit and insert your 'strengths and areas for development' comments into. You could repeat this but compare KS 1 to KS 2 and share with each KS leader. So efficient!

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