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"We are very impressed with Blippit. It has cut our workload down significantly and provides all subject leaders with accurate and detailed evidence. As a school, we feel Blippit to be a valuable and vital tool to our monitoring system. It is easy to use and takes very little time to upload evidence. We would highly recommend."

Rachel McKinlay, Headteacher, Grosvenor Park Academy

“I was actually supposed to have an afternoon out of class to do a learning walk but actually went to (my headteacher) at dinnertime and said I don't  think I need the time out of class because I can see it on my iPad."

Daniel Hack’s experience with Blippit as a Class Teacher

“Blippit has been so well received this year because it's been such a time saver and just really revolutionised the way we've worked in other schools.

Our ECT was telling me today that she was celebrating Blippit at one of her training sessions recently. It was just so lovely."

Finola Jackson’s experience with Blippit as a Primary Deputy Headteacher

“Lots of positives about the Blippit Boards app! Staff are really loving the way it speeds up how they can share subject evidence.”

Paula Duckworth, Lammack Primary, Headteacher

“I think Blippit is brilliant and incredible value for the amount it has cost the school.”

Ian Gittins, St Paul's CE Primary,

“Blippit Boards allowed us to get everything into one place, it's really accessible, it's really quick and easy to access.”

Richard Hatwood,  Ysgol Yr Holl Saint - All Saints' School, Headteacher

“You can hear people walking around the school saying 'I'm going to Blip it' and it's kind of brought us all together in a way. The whole school teaching and learning is all in there now and we can record it and evidence it which is great for us.”

Ruth Platts, Bowdon Church School, Distinctiveness Lead & Y3 Teacher

“The Blippit team are really approachable, they understand the challenges we face in a small school. The app is great for pulling up an area and showcasing the impact of a team.”

Justine Chubb, Clapham & Patching Primary, Headteacher

“We're on day 2 of our Ofsted Inspection and the Blippit App has been invaluable. Subject Leaders have all made comment on how accessible it has been to have this at their fingertips and it has gone down very well.”

Clare Berryman, Salesbury CE Primary, Headteacher

Not sure yet? Many of our customers found a 20 min chat with the Blippit team really useful over Zoom.

Completely free and no obligation, we speak to teachers every day and our teaching experience, past and current, means we do understand!

We have a recording of a staff meeting that we can share too if a Zoom doesn't suit you.

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With a Blippit account you and your colleagues can use your devices, like classroom iPads, to snapshot anything, tag content, and search for work saved to your Blippit Boards.

Once content is captured and shared, you can swiftly create reports and charts via the dedicated Blippit web dashboard. Here you can show parents their pupils’ learning achievements, review the curriculum, and easily access evidence ready for Ofsted inspections — all filtered by key stage, progression step (Wales), year group, and subjects.

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