Curriculum for Wales

Blippit and the new Curriculum for Wales

(incl. Welsh language)

If you're responsible for knowing how the new Curriculum for Wales is looking in your school, then Blippit Boards can help you when a lot is going on demanding your attention.

We're regularly told that the new curriculum is still taking shape in many schools and that people are doing their very best to make the most of the opportunities that it brings. Since the beginning of 2024, Blippit Boards has been invited to help schools in Wales use their time in smart ways when seeking to understand how things are taking shape in each subject.

Thanks to a very productive collaboration with 4 Welsh schools (resulting in a Welsh version of the curriculum), the Four Purposes and Areas of Learning Experience for example can be monitored and given real learning context in any subject.

“Blippit Boards allowed us to get everything into one place, it's really accessible, it's really quick and easy to access through things like the tags and the filters and the date range and all of those kind of things. It's also allowed us to ensure the whole teaching staff and governors are able to contribute towards their self-evaluation activities.”

Mr. R Hatwood, Headteacher. Ysgol Yr Holl Saint - All Saints' School

Top 3 uses of Blippit® for schools in Wales

  1. To promote consistency and raises the profile of key Curriculum for Wales priorities, whatever they may be in a school.
  2. Cluster and school-wide sharing of teacher-assessed standards in writing and other subjects.
  3. To promote and build on collaborative practice in school.

Schools are all different

  • A priority for Welsh-first schools is that Welsh language tagging support for teachers is across all areas, whether it's 'translanguaging' in LLC or 'health and wellbeing' in AoLE and it is.
  • See local area examples of, for example, writing in English as assessed by teachers in your school/cluster as emerging, developing, secure and embedded.
  • Improve professional face-to-face discussion for teachers through increased curriculum transparency that informs conversations and support
  • Everybody is looking for simplicity, time savings and impact on practice from any system they use. Blippit Boards, built with teachers and school leaders, delivers on these goals so that schools can keep an eye on theirs.
A dashboard view
Blippit Boards - Chart example for schools in Wales
A big picture view like this helps teachers and leaders find what they need pretty much instantly in the Blippit Dashboard.

A big-picture view like this helps teachers and leaders find what they need pretty much instantly in the Blippit Dashboard.

  1. Do you have an inkling about one of the Four Purposes at your school being strong but the evidence isn't there?
  2. Have you heard great things about the new Science and Technology scheme at another school in your cluster and you'd like to see how it's evidenced?

Questions like these two are all answerable with Blippit Boards. Blippit is an app and it's the dashboard. Whatever teachers capture from the new Welsh Curriculum using the app also drives what the dashboard can show them in chart or report format. To stay on the right side of GDPR, your school can share reports, perhaps with a cluster school or even a parent, that are cleansed of personal information because Blippit can provide editable Microsoft Word format reports as well as PDF.

More: Read about Blippit's collaboration with Headteachers in Wales.

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