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Blippit Boards 2.1.1 is ready!

August 14, 2023

Big improvements have been made to the Blippit Boards app including bug fixes.  Thank you to everybody in schools for the invaluable feedback that helped contribute to version 2.1.1 which is now available in the app stores AND as a brand new laptop and Chromebook compatible version too!

We're so pleased to

  1. save subject leaders even more time
  2. welcome more schools to Blippit Boards where iPads are rare or in use by the children (can you imagine!?)
What's NEW and improved for September?
  1. NEW! Blippit Boards app version for laptops!
    Now use Google Chrome on a laptop or Chromebook whenever iPads aren't an option. Get all the features of the app in the convenience of a web browser. On Chromebooks with a camera you can take photos directly through the device too.We really listened when people said that iPads were in the hands of children most of the time and that teachers don't always have their own mobile device.  We hope this one really helps remove some barriers..
  2. NEW! Add pics all in one go!
    When uploading pics, you can now select multiples in one go (up to 10 at a time) rather than repeating single uploads. This saves so many taps and therefore precious time!.
  3. NEW! Hide and show tag categories!
    Customise the tagging categories you see in the app by hiding or showing them via the new Tag Settings cog icon when you add or edit tags on a board. Using Blippit Boards in some subjects not others? Then just hide the others!  Not a church school? Hide SIAMS and CIS categories.
  4. IMPROVED! More Board description space!
    The board description area has increased by a factor of 10.  We've gone from 500 to 5000 characters for a Board description which is broadly equivalent to a side of A4. To see a long description on your timeline, just tap to expand the description in the app. And with the new web version, you can now type on a real keyboard to take advantage of the extra room which is much easier than an iPad keyboard..
  5. IMPROVED! Favourites are now Bookmarks!
    You'll notice a little red bookmark icon under each Board. Tapping this adds a Board to your personal Bookmarks, stored in your profile without the distraction of people thinking they were getting 'likes'..
  6. NEW! Reset button!
    Improvements are all in the detail.  It's now just a single tap of a new Reset button in the app to deselect any/all tags that you might be filtering on in your timeline when using the app. This saves time!.
  7. NEW! Audio Timer!
    New sound controls and even a countdown have been added to increase audio recording confidence by making sure you can say what's needed for your Board. Time well spent!.
  8. NEW! Magnetised search & tag
    Sometimes it's the little things and eagle-eyed users will spot a little magnet in the top left of our new app. Tapping the magnet any time will fix the search and tag filter tool to the top of your app screen wherever you are browsing on your Boards timeline. This saves scrolling time!

Bug fixes
We've made many small tweaks and fixes under the hood that all aim to improve performance. There was an intermittent bug on the DashBoard, for example, that could make you believe you had no Boards in your school. It was difficult to trigger this bug but we found and fixed it so no more uncertain moments due to that one.

(Article updated 6th October 2023)