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Blippit Boards Demo New Prize Draw!

January 13, 2023

To boost your stock of the most precious consumable in school,  between now and the end of summer term 2023 we've come up with an idea to make the idea of a Blippit Boards Zoom demo stick in people's heads!

When you book a 20 min Zoom demo with us at your school will be entered into a monthly draw to win a nice big pack of 25 Pritt Sticks too.  Our demo will show you how Blippit Boards saves time and energy for you as subject and school leaders. These demos are popular because off the back of one, you can make a more informed decision about whether to get a free trial or just go ahead and order having seen how it works with our demo school demo.

The rules of the draw are that to qualify you can't be an existing customer (sorry everyone!), you won't be entered in the draw if the demo gets cancelled and only one win is being allocated per school. We'll notify the winner by email directly near the start of the next month via the email address used to book the demo.  Your entry will roll on through to the end of the summer term (2023) so just because you don't win one month doesn't mean you won't win in the future!Just imagine getting that message.  "There's a package for you in the office!"  Then imagine the dilemma.  Do you tell people what it is?  We look forward to giving lots and lots of people demos of this smart subject monitoring tool for subject leaders that's helping to wave goodbye to saving images in drives, chasing about for evidence and trying to infer meaning retrospectively.Good luck!

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