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Eco-Schools & Blippit Boards

June 13, 2022

Since 1994, when Keep Britain Tidy started operating Eco-Schools in England, over 20,000 schools, colleges and nurseries have registered with Eco-Schools England and more are registering every day!  The programme empowers children and teens to improve their environment through the formation of a school Eco-Council that identifies three priorities to give their school eco-work clear focus and direction.

Like any whole school mission, going for the Green Flag Award is a big deal.  It calls for eco-leadership, coordination, action and monitoring across the school.  We talked to teachers leading their schools toward the Green Flag Award status and as a result, could see a way that we might help make it easier for them to monitor and pull together the evidence they needed. We sought out the advice and expertise of Eco-Schools themselves, on whether we could help schools in the way we imagined, and thankfully it turned out we could!

Is your school working towards Eco-Schools accreditation?

With Blippit Boards already fulfilling a key monitoring role for lots of subject leaders and other frameworks, we are pleased and proud to be able to offer a brand new Eco-Schools tag category to Blippit Boards!  We want every teacher who coordinates Eco-Schools in school to quickly feel the benefit and grow in confidence that they can much more easily capture all the evidence they need from across the school and see exactly how it fits with their Eco-School priorities as part of the whole curriculum.  As Eco-Schools hope for themselves, we hope that all of the hard work captured centrally in schools using the Blippit Boards helps to inspire and showcase exactly what's going on over time.

Schools can now simply hit a button to build their eco-evidence PDF report containing all Eco-Schools tagged evidence Boards, saving so much time, ready to be uploaded to the Eco-Schools website when they're ready as a PDF report. There's an Eco-Schools interactive chart in the Blippit Boards Dashboard to give the big picture and support the monitoring of your Eco-Schools evidence as it's captured by colleagues using the app. Want to try it at your school? Just visit

For more information about Eco-Schools from Keep Britain Tidy: