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Floor Books and Blippit Boards

May 31, 2024

In some early years settings, we hear more and more that there is a growing trend, since 2023, towards using Blippit® Boards as a replacement for traditional floor books. Is this something that we set out to achieve? Honestly? No!  But when you put open-ended tools like Blippit® into schools you can guarantee that creative applications will come up and this is one of them.

Blippit® is basically making the documentation process easier and consequently saving teachers time. Teachers are no longer burdened with the time-consuming tasks of printing (when it works), photocopying (when there's toner or no jam), cutting (when there's a guillotine or adult scissors) and sticking (let's not even go into finding a glue stick) children's work into physical books. Instead, they can efficiently capture and document children's thoughts, ideas, questions, and observations digitally with ready-made tags.

This teacher-friendly digital approach saves time, keeps things tidy and searchable and removes the barriers associated with physical storage and preservation of traditional floor books. Additionally, Blippit® can provide a more organized and easily accessible way to capture and share certain aspects of the learning journey with parents and visitors in a controlled way that avoids adding to teachers' daily pressures, made worse through parental messaging. Blippit allows children to revisit their work with their teacher/parents/carers to feel that all-important sense of ownership too.

Register for a free school account to have a go for yourself or just hit the chat button at to get someone to take your questions and show you around. You'll be pressed for time or maybe talking to someone you don't know very well isn't your thing, so, we also have a video that you can watch of a staff meeting where Blippit® was introduced (email and we'll send you a link.