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New! Video has arrived for subject leaders in Blippit Boards! (App v2.3.2)

June 17, 2024
Capturing and sharing the action for subject leaders

How can subject leaders see more of what's happening in their subjects? Over the last few years, a strong case has been made for having videos included in Blippit Boards with questions like this (below) being asked more frequently by schools.

"How can I more usefully capture a music performance, drama, spoken piece of learning, collaborative problem-solving learning scenario?"

As great as photographs are, they can't always convey what's happening and how. A photo is permanently paused. You can't rewind it. You can't unpick or analyse it as closely.  You can't answer contextual questions afterwards such as

For a more informed view

For people who can't be in the room where it happens, video is an invaluable tool, because we all know from experience that even when you are there, watching it back later can be so helpful when you're less immersed in the situation. There's a clear case for video in Blippit Boards where

And so here, at last, we are! Make sure you have the latest version of the Blippit Boards because that's the only version of Blippit where video can be used if you've asked us to activate it for you. We're activating it for all trials as of today too.

Blippit Video Launch Plan Pricing & Choice
  1. If your school has a current Blippit license, you can choose not to have video activated on the account and just stay on your non-video plan. Remember to update your app  (non-video pricing)
  2. If your school has a current Blippit license and wants video activated, email to tell us to activate the video option for your account. We will prorate the annual video price to the end of your current year with Blippit and invoice for just that amount. e.g. if you want video now and there are still 3 months left on your current plan, we will invoice only for the remaining 3 months of the video option. The full plan price will apply for your next full year of Blippit Boards at renewal with video included automatically (see video-inclusive pricing).
  3. If you are a school on a Blippit free trial you can still order Blippit without video BUT only until 10th July 2024 after which date, the video component becomes part of the core Blippit Boards offer automatically for all new school orders i.e. school that don't have an active license plan with us.