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Subject leader reports go live in Blippit Boards

June 1, 2022

There are only so many minutes in a day and the idea behind Blippit Boards was to try and spread the load when it comes to subject monitoring the curriculum.

But, almost everyone is a subject leader and so everyone faces the same time premium challenges.  Blippit Boards was created to help teachers to help each other by sharing what was going on in subjects across the school.  The notifications were included to keep everyone in the loop about what was being captured and the dashboard for shares the big picture with charts and filtering.  That's quite a lot. We never wanted it to be a tool to help with Ofsted as that was not a good reason to exist at all. Blippit Boards was never about schools' box-ticking.

As schools returned more fully from Covid we started to pick up feedback that the more evidence people saw coming in, the more they wanted to share it and prove what their subject was about. We didn't have a solution that helped with that yet.

So, we got creative, got to work and ultimately built a brand new Blippit Boards Reports feature to make sure that it would be both fast and easy for teachers to extract from Blippit Boards what everybody had put in. To use reports, teachers use the DashBoard, view all boards, click the tags icon and select what to report on.

Reports are personalised to every school and emailed to whoever creates them automatically.  Sometimes it's easier to see what you have when it's in one document instead of browsing charts or the app so this works well.  A different context that reports lend themselves strongly to is acting as a body of evidence for schools applying for accreditation like Christian Aid's Global Neighbours. It was with the help of Christian Aid that their tagging category went live this week too with another well-known school's award hopefully being added soon too.

Example reports that can be run:

(UPDATE: 25/7/22 Reports are now sent as a download link in an email, not as an attachment)