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Teach Primary Awards 2022 FINALIST with Blippit Boards

August 23, 2022

This summer we got the welcome news that Blippit Boards had become a finalist in the Teach Primary Awards 2022.  Awards, as great as they may be, are funny things because we all know that there are lots of high-impact life-saving or enhancing products and services delivered every single day without a single party popper or black tie event ever being thrown.  So, it's not without a huge amount of humility that we share our award news with you now.

At Blippit® we are very lucky to have great people and partners who are all doing what they do with incredible passion, often in spite of the current prevailing conditions. If you know us already, you'll be aware that we work with schools and also hospitals to deliver unique software tools to remove barriers to learning and engagement for everyone. If you're one of these people or partners - thank you!  We don't have all the answers so you are invaluable in helping us stay on course.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed specifically to Blippit Boards through honest feedback, innovative feature ideas, motivating video interviews, word-spreading tweets and championing their subject or area to bring it on board in Blippit Boards!  Good luck to every finalist in the app category.

Here's to 'hope'!John Bidder, MD and founder of Blippit®